All India Radio Address by Martin Luther King in March 1959

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day here in the United States.

By some "divine" coincidence this is the day before the first black President of the USA will take the oath of office.

We have all heard MLK’s famous "I Have a Dream" speech. The below text is a small excerpt of MLK’s speech on All India Radio in March, 1959 [via]

It may be that, just as India had to take the lead and show the world that national independence could be achieved non-violently, so India may have to take the lead and call for universal disarmament. And if no other nation will join her immediately, India may declare itself for disarmament unilaterally. Such an act of courage would be a great demonstration of the spirit of the Mahatma, and would be the greatest stimulus to the rest of the world to do likewise. Moreover, any nation that would take such a brave step would automatically draw to itself the support of the multitudes of the earth, so that any would-be aggressor would be discouraged from risking the wrath of mankind.

The website of the Indian Consulate in Chicago has the entire transcript of the speech and here is the Audio file of his recording.



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