Andalucia to Help Conserve Varanasi

Varanasi is one of these fabled cities which somehow seem mythical especially to foreigners but is a living thriving city housing thousands of people every day. People go about their lives even though they are living at the confluence of Hinduism, practised by hundreds of millions of people. However in recent times the city has started to show its age and is getting run over by the convergence of more and more pilgrims, tourist and the general population. However that will change with a little help of the Spaniards.

Spain’s autonomous Andalucia region is to assist Unesco in preserving the cultural heritage of the Hindu holy town of Varanasi and to ensure the development of its urban areas on scientific lines.

‘Andalucia is famous for its Islamic heritage cities of Seville and Granada and the collaboration is good way of bringing us together,’ the region’s vice president, Gaspar Zarrias, told reporters here Friday.

‘We will be providing technical assistance to Unesco to create an electronic archive where all the information about Varanasi would be collected and proceed ahead from there,’ he added.

‘We have entered into this collaboration to not only preserve Varanasi’s heritage but also to showcase our own culture and heritage and thus attract more Indian tourists to Andalucia,’ Zarrias maintained.

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