Apartment Ownership and School Admissions

These two are not related in any way you might say. But wait.

A city resident found out the hard way that they are. Rupali Khanna wanted to get her 3 year old child admission to a school of her choice. When she went to get admission forms…

After all, her kid was bright, loved playschool and they even stayed bang opposite the prospective school. What could be easier than this? Only later did Khanna realise that she was not only too optimistic but also foolish. “My first experience was scary. I approached the school to get an application form, but to my surprise the school officials turned down my application, stating that I don’t own a flat constructed by the school’s owner,” she recalled. “There are very few ICSE board schools near my home and my son is not old enough to travel far to attend school. I didn’t know that the criteria for getting admission is to own a flat as suggested by the school authorities.”[link]

It has been no secret that education today is more a business than something noble. And sadly this just drives the point home.

I would say to Rupali, that its better her kid does not go to this school. If this is their attitude, forewarned is forearmed. !!