Are Chinese Women Gymnasts Underage

There have been undercurrents of the Chinese fielding a team of "women" gymnasts who in reality are just girls….and underage for a womens sport.

Today CNN has an editorial on this topic

Amid pre-Olympic hand-wringing over why the birthdates of He, Yang and Jiang didn’t jibe with other registration materials that showed they might be as young as 14, China swore on its stars’ passport stamps that the tots are the legal tumbling age of 16. But while the tiny trio helped their nation whisk the gold medal away from a suddenly clumsy U.S. group in the team competition, it was impossible to deny the visual evidence of something unjust in China. [link]

Keeping in mind this is China, I would not be surprised if they actually are but young girls, made to look like ladies taking part in a competition. And this trickery would not be the first, now would it?


Beijing Olympics: Opening ceremony star mimed because real singer judged not pretty enough [link]

and the TV virtual show that was part of the live telecast of the Opening Ceremony

Parts of the spectacular Beijing Olympics opening ceremony were faked, it has emerged. [link]

Ah, the vagaries and devious intricacies of the despotic People’s [Communist] Republic of China.

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