Arzan In Polish Media

Ok, this is a little bit of self-trumpeting ! In October last year I got a random email from a lady named Aleksandra Gumowska. She was a journalist for a leading news daily from Poland called Gazeta Wyborcza. She was on a world tour to circumnavigate the world in 80 days and meet with people in the different cities. In her words…

I would like to interview you about metroblogging, NYC architecture and living between NYC and Mumbai which I visited earlier.

I did reply to her and then completely forgot about it till December 11, when she emailed me from NYC. We decided to meet at the Cosi across from work. Meeting her was a fun experience. The interview was about blogging, life in NYC and Mumbai, and such other topics. She fired away the questions and furiously took notes in her small handbook. She also recorded the audio interview on her cellphone. She then did a photo-op and we went our way.

The photograph is outside Avalon….(previously called Limelite). For those in the know, it is an old church now converted to a discotheque. She was piqued about taking this snap of a church converted to a disc and printing it in a strong Catholic country !

Last week she sent me the link to the article published in the newspaper and also on their online website. The below is a screen shot. Sadly I don’t know how to read Polish and cannot find any translation tools. If you know Polish, please let me know what the article translates to.

Her travels also took her through India where she had the opportunity to participate in an Indian wedding and meet up with fellow blogger Sonia Faleiro.

And here is the actual link to the article on Gazeta Wyborcza.



  1. Waah Arzu!!! Youre faaammmooussss. Will try finding someone who can translate polish. Perks of my field.
    And, i saw your pic after ages. Surprised with the dimensions. Su karech tu?

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