Ass Painter: Art Today

Stephen Murmer went to “great lengths” to ensure his off-hours passion as an artist was hidden from people at his day job: art teacher at Monacan High School in Richmond, Va. The art he produced in his time off is, as he puts it, “ass painting” — he dips his rear in paint and then stamps it on canvas, and the cheeky results sell for hundreds of dollars.

But when Murmer appeared on TV to demonstrate his technique, he was recognized despite his using a pseudonym and wearing a disguise (and nothing but a thong). The school suspended him over the objection of his students, and the school board fired him. “This is a bad day for the First Amendment,” said Murmer’s lawyer, Jason Anthony, adding he’s disappointed that school officials didn’t stand behind him. (Richmond Times-Dispatch, AP) …They tried to, but they couldn’t help “looking”.

Here is the video that got him into “deep shit”