AU 2008: Autodesk University 2008 Opens

Today was the first full day at AU 2008, the 16th edition of this annual Autodesk jamboree. Registration yesterday was a breeze, with it being faster than last year and took no more than 3 minutes. 

The overall turnover this year is in the 9000+ range. However some of the classes etc are organized a little differently than from last year. They are more streamlined within the larger disciplines. 

The morning started with a great opening session on the main stage with Lynn Allen, Carl Bass, Jeff Kowalski turning out for Autodesk and a great keynote address by Tom Kelley of IDEO. 

The sessions started in earnest after the keynote ended and were intriguing as always. 

The first ever AU Blogger social got a lot of bloggers together. It was nice to put a face behind some of the blogs I read. 

Later on I met up with a nice group of other AU participants at a private AU Customer Cocktails party.

The exhibition hall opened at 7 pm and I did a quick tour of it. Will check it out more in detail later. I think I packed to much in a day today and was kinda pooped out by the end. 

Below are some pics from Day One.

More tomorrow.

Also check out Between the Lines by Shan Hurley, Autodesk’s Blogger in Chief.