August: DO NOT FLY Month

A Peruvian airliner crashed an hour ago.

This is the fourth airline crash this month.Its very sad and unnerving especially as this is the tourist season and the end of the summer season in the Western world. Flights are full and people are heading back home. The airline industry as a whole is in doldrums because of a series of problems, not the least being the rising cost of oil.

2004 was safest year of airline travel in history, according to CNN

It is surprising how the media reports such a tragedy.

At least 52 survive Peru air crash – airline…

At least 70 dead in Peru plane crash…

I can understand that a glass is half full or half empty…which headline would you prefer if somone you knew was on that airliner ?

Amidst so much loss and sorrow, it is amazing how the insurance people come up with a damage figure.

Damn it…what about the immeasurable loss of life !! Dosent that count in your total tally ??

Insurance companies along with real estate brokers and lawyers form the scum of humanity……according to me…but thats a whole another blog.

Let us stop for a moment and think of the dead !! RIP.