Autodesk University 2007 Opens at The Venetian, Las Vegas

The annual flagship event of Autodesk, AU 2007 opened today morning at the The Venetian. Nearly 9,500 people from 67 countries have gathered here for over four days to learn, discuss and explore new ideas and technologies in the Autodesk world.

The registration was a breeze. Laptop terminals were set up for a quick check in and your ID and course material was waiting for you as you made the walk to the end of the registration area.

The General Session in the morning was a welcome address by the CEO of Autodesk and Yves Behar, the famous designer.

Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, spoke about changing the definition of sustainability from the 1980’s importance of sustainability and the role that design needs to play moving forward—to not only preserve the world for the next generation, but to make it better.

Yves Béhar, founder of the award-winning San Francisco design firm fuseproject, presented an inspiring talk about his approach to design and sustainability—how form is so  much more than function. [link]

My first session in the morning was about Sustainability and Revit. A very informative presentation by two architects from BNIM Architects in Kansas City, Missouri. They made a compelling case about how Revit can be used to analyse and generate data relevant to the sustainability of the project.

Between the two sessions, I was randomly selected to participate in AU Beat. They set up a video booth and asked some crazy and some sensible questions. That will be featured on their vlog. I will post a link when I see it.

Now off to the post lunch sessions.