Bangladeshis Give Indian Food A Bad Name

Yesterday the missus and I went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Our neighborhood has many wonderful restaurants. However it lacks a good Indian restaurant. The one Indian restaurant that was there was a sham. We had come out having a big fight there over stale horrible food served.

So when a new one opened, we were optimistic of better times, but not overtly. And sadly it was more of the same mediocrity.

You can read my restaurant review here

The biggest problem according to me is that a lot of Indian restaurants are run by Bangladeshis. And in that case, why the fuck don’t they just call them Bangladeshi restaurants. And serve Bangladeshi food in there. Why call it Indian. Why capitalize on a brand name cuisine and then screw it up so badly that it leave a literal and figuritive bad taste in the mouth.

Bangladeshis, and no offence to them, cant cook Indian food. Especially North and South Indian.

Have you ever had Chinese food on the streets of Chennai or Bangalore. You will know what I mean. The same way a south Indian makes a hodge podge of Hakka Noodles, the same way a Bangladeshi massacres chicken makhani.

I would like to petition the Indian consulate here in NYC to sue these restaurant for defamation of the good name of Indian cuisine. That is the only recourse.

This is the second time in nearly a month, that I have had a bad experience with Indian food. nVa readers will remember the Niagara Falls episode. !!



  1. exactly… the idiots are ashamed of their own cuisine and take advantage of the good name of indian cuisine to sell crap.
    they know their sales will be nilch if they call their restaurant bangladeshi

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