Beyonce- Run the World (LIES)

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  1. Intellectual materialism…she like most critics is giving her opinion about a piece of art. We all know how subjective art is, and to take it out of context, and attack the artist is to search for a sacrificial lamb. This said lamb is used as a pedestal stand on and amp your voice up. Beyonce and her lyrics are like Monet and his paintings. And speaking of art, Monet help start the impressionist movement by creating work that went against the common grain. His vision help change peoples idea of art and life, which eventually change the landscape of the world and society. With out impressionism there would be no modernism, which means NO PROGRESSION. So Beyonce like Monet is changing the landscape with the best tool she has, her lyrics. And women around the world gaining access to media can CHOOSE to consume Beyonce and at-least spark the idea of independence in their minds, maybe even start a revolution. And im pretty damn sure from looking around, that Beyonce lightweight does run the world. lol….And I am pretty sure she supports organizations that help women as well.

    SHAMELESS PLUG – Beyonce Ft Rohaun “Flaws and all” (freestyle painting)

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