Black Friday: National Day of the Nation of Consumer Consumption

Today as you know is Black Friday. The official first day of the shopping season here in the US. And that means that people take the day part literally….and stores are opened at midnight or later.

So here are some observations from my trip out today. I was up and out at 4:30 am at the Quaker Bridge Mall in NJ, ready to get into the first electronics store I could. Best Buy opens their doors at 5 AM and I am in the store at 5:10. At the same store last year, I did not get in till about an hour after they opened, just because the line was longer. After Best Buy, it was Walmart, Circuit City, Compusa, Staples, and some other smaller stores. I wound up at 11 am. My personal observation (and no stastical facts to corroborate this) is that the crowds were less this year. That could be because the sales were not that out of the world and at the same time, maybe a sign of the economy stumbling and gasping after a long time.

Meanwhile in other parts of the country

Doors were broken, and shoppers were scraped and bruised as thousands surged through the Boise Towne Square Mall in Boise, Idaho at 1am this morning [link]

So, did you go out on Black Friday and do you have any “war stories” to share ?