Blog Housekeeping

Today was part one of house cleaning on the blog, in preparation for the new year ahead. Over the last month blogging activity has slowed down to a trickle. That is partly due to a crushing work schedule, and a combination of not having something definitive to blog about. And not wanting to blog just for the sake of blogging.

However, things should return to normal in the days to come.

As part of the housekeeping 101, I have updated my blogroll. There are various categories and you shall find your blog there.

If you don’t please leave a comment below and I will add it immediately.

At the same time I would request a reciprocal link from your blog. If you link to me, you are the best !! 🙂 and if you dont, well you have a chance to become the best !!! 😉

And, to all the dear readers, its a time to say thanks for coming back and reading, and hope to see more of you and your kind in the days ahead.