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A couple of weeks ago my blog had a partial backend meltdown. Movable Type is a very different set up from WordPress especially in its native format. My database was screwed up and I was getting an insane amount of junk comments. As a result, everytime i went to delete junk comments, my cgi file would crash the shared server I was hosting my site on. Lunarpages, basically kicked my ass and disabled the cgi script. After tinkering around and re-installing MT in another directory, I had a workaround it. Of course this involved a certain amount of hacking into the cgi, perl and htaccess modules so that I could keep my old database in order to retreive and convert it to a more stable MySQL database.

Moving to a more robust database, and implementing some other features to prevent comment spam has made my life so much easier. Rebuilds are much faster and the newer version 3.2 of MT has a lot of interesting plugins that make blogging a more pleasing experience.

The comment section is now open and working properly. Try it out

While I was having these issues, a friend suggested that I move to WordPress. I run my other blog Parsi Khabar on wordpress. As much as I like wordpress as a blogging platform, I would not want to move my personal blog on to it. The main reason is aesthetics.

Frankly all wordpress blogs look very similar. Check it out here and here . No offence to these two blogs but besides the slight difference in graphics, they have the same look and infact so do nearly all WP blogs.

The reason for that is that PHP based dynamic blogs are very difficult to hack, unless u r a PHP guru. The various plugins like K2 etc, provide only so many options and hence the limitations.

MT also provides static publishing as compared to dynamic publishing. The biggest plust in that is that for you the reader, the pages load much faster.

All in all, both platforms do the job they are meant for, but for now i prefer MT.

I would like to know why you prefer the platform you are on.


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  1. Saket (a.k.a Vulturo) I stopped smoking the day I was born. And I am not joking.

    Anyways, I did not get the gist of your question.

    I understand that you dont agree with what I said in this post, but can you lay out precisely what it is that you disagree with ??

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