BMC Elections Tomorrow

Come every election and there is an overdose of information, propoganda, and in most cases plain outright lying by the candidates to somehow woo your vote towards them and not the other thugs in the running.

Statistics have proved time and again, that the more educated the votebank, the less they turn out. Bombay, being the largest metropolis suffers from the “low voter turnout ” disease. In the city’s case it is terminal. And especially when it comes to lowly BMC polls.

Yes on the one hand you can say that all of them are crooks, so who to vote for. And I say, if everyone is bad vote for the one you think will do the least damage. Till such a day when each candidate should poll a certain quorum comes into law, this is our only option.

Najmudin Bookwala (Manoj) runs the site

To say that the site contains information is an understatement. The amout of information easily categorised is mind boggling. From checking out your name on the electoral role (I checked out mine and its there…whew!!) to finding out your ward boundary, and your polling station, its all there.

Stop by, browse, and make an informed decision.