Castrate The Molesters in Mumbai

The new year has started very badly for Mumbai as a city. Women are groped and molested in public and this all in Mumbai, one of the safest cities in India.

Since that day there have been more incidents and more people have come forward. The police have gone on the defensive and are scrambling to get their act together and arrest the people that committed the crime.

However my question to you all readers is…

If you are in the crowd and see this happening….what would you do ?

Would you stick your neck out and try to protect the woman ? This at the risk of losing limb and life at the hands of an irate mob ?

Or would you try to record the incident on your cell and hope that it can be used to nab the culprits ?

And finally, if the culprits are nabbed, what is the proper punishment for them.

I personally think that the few in the crowd who resort to such antics should be beaten up by the majority of the bystanders. Public beating and breaking a few bones will do them good for a lifetime.

And if the public does not do its duty, then medically castrate them. That would solve a problem for a lifetime.

OK, the last suggestion is off the top, but that’s just because I am so fucking angry at the series of incidents happening in my own city.


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  1. Dont know if you read about it yet…they caught the guys who were in the pic (allegedly molesting the girl).

    Get this, they say that they heard a girl screaming and were actually trying to HELP her. Now how the hell can one prove otherwise unless the girl herself comes forward and points a finger??

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