IIPM Crooks at It Again

Seems some people just don’t learn. Its been about a year and a half since the whole IIPM fiasco exploded on the Indian Blogosphere. IIPM was found out to be the crooked institute it is. However, they think that public memory is short and hence this advertisement in today’s DNA. If you are wondering what… Continue reading IIPM Crooks at It Again

IIPM: Screws Up…Again !!

Dilip D’Souza has a great post on Death Ends Fun about scrupulous advertising by the favorite management instutute of the Indian Blogosphere. Here is the ad he is talking about. Read his entire post for the whole dissection. IIPM Ad in Hindustan Times

Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak

Jamshedi Navroze is one of the three main festive days in the Parsi Calendar. The others being Parsi New year in August and Khordad Saal, the birthday of Zarathustra. Navroze falls on March 21st, which is also Spring Equinox. It is celebrated the world over in various manifestations. It heralds the coming of Spring. In… Continue reading Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak

Honking, the National Pastime

Coming to Bombay after an extended period of time, and you have a direct assault on your senses. And the biggest one, according to me is the noise pollution. Or specifically, the honking of vehicles. It is incessant. More like a national pastime, or as if its some involuntary action necessary, like breathing on the… Continue reading Honking, the National Pastime

Norman Foster at WTC

It was announced today that Sir Norman Foster will design an office tower in the WTC Complex. This is great news for the city of New York in many ways. After the horrendous “Freedom Tower” monstrosity that is being designed by David Childs, this is a great boost for quality architecture in a city that… Continue reading Norman Foster at WTC


Thats the new parking lot I shall use from today onwards. Do not worry. I havent abandoned either of my primary parking spots; nVa or pK. Being the global traveller I am, I am also keeping a parking place in NYC and now this new one in Bollywood. Bollywood and me….aaah !!! Yes, surprises do… Continue reading Naachgaana