Corbusier snubbed by Hitler, blessed by Nehru.

A little while ago I had written about Lost Opportunities and Heroic Visions of architects in India, just after Independance. Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn are two architects that laid out the philosophical guidelines, that led to the expansion of a new vocabulary of Indian architecture in the decades after 1947. Today, the Indian Express… Continue reading Corbusier snubbed by Hitler, blessed by Nehru.

Charles Correa design opens at MIT

Last friday marked a very important and momentuous day for Indian architecture. Veteran Indian architect and urban planner Charles Correa designed yet another marvel, the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, opened at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Charles Correa is one of the greatest Indian architects alive today, and his body of work encompassing… Continue reading Charles Correa design opens at MIT

The Rise of the Few: Tall Buildings the World Over

Next week the world’s tall building experts specialists in technology, finance, and architecture gather in New York City  for the Council on Tall Building’s 7th World Congress. This event is held from October 16-19 in New York City and this years theme is “Renewing the Urban Landscape.” One Bryant Park, the project I have been working on for the… Continue reading The Rise of the Few: Tall Buildings the World Over

IIPM: How International ?

Just three days ago, I posted about a call I placed to IIPM’s Toronto Research Center, Canada. You know what it turned out to be. DesiPundit carried the story, and I would have thought that IIPM would have removed the info from their website. But as of just now, it is still on there. Toronto… Continue reading IIPM: How International ?

.ORG Domains Sell Fast

My personal website has for years been on I selected that domain, because the others .com, .net werent available then. A lot of people wonder why I registered a .org when I am not an organisation ! Well now they know why. Thus it is with great interest that I read a story on… Continue reading .ORG Domains Sell Fast

Pakistan Cover up !!

Here is a letter that the Pakistani Ambassador wrote in response to this article by Nicholas Kristof in the NYTimes of September 20th. This is further proof of a cover up after a series of stupid utterances by the Dictator….aka Musharraf. More on this here here here and here. New York TimesLetter to the Editor… Continue reading Pakistan Cover up !!

In the words of a Dictator !!

The Washington Post has an audio clip of  our friendly neighborhood dictator To refresh your memory, this about the interview the “Saviour of Pakistan” gave on his recent trip to the US. In particular hear the segmet from minute 8:33 onwards. More on this here, here, here, here and here.

Low-Cost Airlines of India

Just the other day I was talking about why we should fly the big airlines. It was also discussed here. And today Dvorak Uncensored points us to an article that appeared in the Guardian about low-cost carriers in India “With eyes fixed to the clouds outside his window, Manoj Kumar is trying to fasten his seat… Continue reading Low-Cost Airlines of India