Pasargade will Never Drown

Recently I posted about The Islamic Republic of Iran having embarked on the finalizing stages of a dam construction in south of Iran that would have ultimately drowned the archeological sites of Pasargad and Persepolice. There was a lot of media attention to this and we are happy to note that CHN has addressed this… Continue reading Pasargade will Never Drown

Save Persepolis

UPDATE: Pasargadae Will Never Drown Read here and here PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT [cross-posted on Parsi Khabar] The Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on the finalizing stages of a dam construction in south of Iran that will ultimatelydrown the archeological sites of Pasargad and Persepolice, the ancient capital of the Archimedean Empire – a rich… Continue reading Save Persepolis

Hijacking of Religion

An article in today’s Indian Express speaks about a new universal temple of worship for Zoroastrians, not necessarily Parsis. This is as close as it gets to the bastardization of religion and the hijacking of culture for personal needs and gains. For centuries the words Parsis and Zoroastrians were synonymous. But apparently not so. Zoroastrians… Continue reading Hijacking of Religion

How Green is my Roof ?

The NYT runs a very interesting article about Green Roofs. Having done some research on it for the project I am working on, its great to see that its being put into practise.

Certified Ideal Wife

I came across this article on the TOI title” An Institute for Ideal Wives”. It makes hilarious reading. Sadly, its not a spoof but the truth. She may work to increase the family’s income but she should never forget that she is essentially a homemaker. If things go wrong, however, she may file an FIR… Continue reading Certified Ideal Wife

Where is the Architect ??

This quote really irked me. Read on to know why. “The profession of architecture with its cultural, artistic, aesthetical and urban dimensions belongs to the framework of Ministry of Culture and Tourism. However as far as we know the Ministry is not concerned with architects other than those who work in the restoration of the… Continue reading Where is the Architect ??