Certified Ideal Wife

I came across this article on the TOI title” An Institute for Ideal Wives”. It makes hilarious reading. Sadly, its not a spoof but the truth.

She may work to increase the family’s income but she should never forget that she is essentially a homemaker. If things go wrong, however, she may file an FIR in the nearest police station.

The article’s title is misleading. The institute’s intentions are, I am sure “noble”.

Reading about what is taught in class reminded me of the summers spent at Sinhal Classes for Std X and XII. Its funny that being a wife is reduced to a vocation or a profession. On the other hand, the girls who go to these, am sure did not have any choice in their getting married or not at that point. Probably some of what they hear and learn at these classes will help them cope with what awaits them in married life.

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