Chalo Washington: Immigration Rally September 18, 2007

Immigration Voice will hold a rally and gathering in Washington DC on Sept 18th 2007.

Immigration Voice will be doing a huge rally of 10,000 plus members in Washington DC on September 18th. The route and timing will be announced shortly.

Every member must participate on Sept 18th in this rally in DC. Congress will be back from August recess in early September and there will be a fresh look at smaller pieces of immigration related issues, including high-skills immigration.

After having favorable consequences from the flower campaign and the San Jose rally, it is now time to have a big event in the front-yard of congress in Washington DC, so that the long ignored issue of visa backlogs (retrogression) is addressed. This event will be hugely consequential as it will get much more coverage in media and much more attention of congress because of 2 reasons: It will be a really big crowd and secondly, it will be in Washington DC. Immigration Voice will arrange for permits from the metropolitan police and other authorities and we will also arrange for banners. All you have to do is show up.

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