China Covers Up Deaths Due to Pollution

Readers here know that I am no fan of the “great Communist Nation of China”. The world seems to turn a blind eye to ever increasing horrific news from the despotic nation. This is in pursuit of higher profit margins and cheaper goods. But sooner or later it will all catch up.

Last month has seen a slew of Chinese products, from toothpaste to tyres to childrens toys and food products being recalled due to substandard quality or hazardous contents.

The Chinese government of course denies it. Any bad publicity in the Western world will dent its manufacturing capacity.

In the same vein, it is going all out to hide the death of its own citizens due to massive pollution in the country.

The Financial Times reported Monday that Beijing had persuaded the World Bank to cut findings from a draft of an environmental report that allegedly found that pollution caused about 750,000 premature deaths nationwide annually.

The data cut from the draft showed that air pollution levels in Chinese cities cause 350,000 to 400,000 premature deaths each year, the newspaper said Monday. Another 300,000 people die from exposure to poor air indoors, and more than 60,000 die due to poor quality water, the report said.


The Chinese Propoganda Ministry starts to go into massive overdrive because of the Olympics next year. Its funny how the world will gather in the same place where 19 years ago, the Tank Man stood, for a brief moment; challenging the communist machinery.