China shoots at Tibetans: On Video

Despotic China, which has captured and ruled over Tibet for so many years, seems to get more and more desperate to form its vice like grip over Tibet. Even if that means, killing starving defenseless Tibetans. And on top of that they will then make it look like they are the ones who were wronged. And this time its all on video. A Romanian mountaineer, climbing in the Himalayas has taken a video of this and its easy to bullshit the claims of the Chinese.

As the world becomes greedy for money….translated into cheap goods, China the oppressor contiunes with its agenda of overpowering nations and sovereign states. Taiwan and Tibet are two cases as well the infiltration into Kashmir and the North East.

This is the official communique of the incident sent via email by the Office of Tibet

On September 30, Chinese border patrol fired at some 70 tired and starving Tibetans in Nangpa-la, in the Mount Everest region, as they were toiling toward Nepal to escape repression and exploitation in their homeland.

A 17-year-old nun was killed on the spot, while two others were wounded; one died subsequently. Forty one escapees managed to reach Nepal. The remaining ones–many of them children aged between six and ten–were taken into custody.

The incident took place in full view of a large group of foreign mountaineers, which is why the world knows about it now. And, yes, the incident has outraged the conscience of the international community.

But China remains unabashed. To add insult to injury, spin doctors in Beijing have come up with a fantastic story. Beijing’s official Xinhua News Agency said that the Tibetans attacked the soldiers, forcing the latter to open fire in self-defense! Earlier, Chinese diplomats in Kathmandu tracked down the foreign witnesses and made an attempt to silence them.

Here is the report from the Independant

Chinese diplomats in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu are tracking down and trying to silence hundreds of Western climbers and Sherpas who witnessed the killing of Tibetan refugees on the Nangpa La mountain pass last week.

And this is what the International Herald Tribune had to say

Accounts of the incident by rights groups drew a protest Thursday from the U.S. government. U.S. Ambassador to China, Clark Randt, went to the Chinese Foreign Ministry Thursday to “protest China’s treatment of the refugees” in the incident, embassy spokeswoman Susan Stevenson said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao had earlier Thursday denied knowledge of the shootings, but said that if the news reports about it were true, Chinese authorities would investigate.