China’s Tibet Railway, Designed to Destroy

This was the slogan on a banner, that was unfurled at Beijing Station last Friday.

The despotic nation has laid its claim to fame in building the highest railway line in the world.

The $4.2 billion railway, an engineering marvel that crosses mountain passes up to 16,500 feet high, is part of government efforts to develop China’s poor west and bind restive ethnic areas to the booming east. Critics warn that it will bring a flood of Chinese migrants, diluting Tibet’s culture and threatening its fragile environment. [link]

Thats the biggest bull-crap of propoganda I have heard in a very long time.

According to me, this is one of the final coffins in the death of Tibet as a sovereign nation. This will enable the dilution of Tibetan life and culture and make their singular hope of becoming a free nation, a pipe-dream.

Thus, as the world most populated nations continues on its road to human rights abuse, the world takes nary a look.

.Needless to say, the three foreign nationals who unfurled the banner, were arrested and await their fate in some prison somewhere in China.