Chinese Occupied India Model Found on Google Earth

The above is an image from Gooogle Earth. PCWorld has a slideshow of some really unsual and unique images found on Google Earth.

If you’re in the intelligence business, Google Earth makes hiding big things nearly impossible. This image is believed to be of a 1.8-square-mile scale model of a disputed region on the border of China and India. Google Earth spotters found it in a remote area in north central China (Google Earth coordinates 38.265652,105.9517). One theory on why this model exists comes from the Australian publication The Age, which reported that the scale model is used to train tank drivers.

See the entire slideshow here



  1. If you zoom out of it, you will notice that it is nowhere near India.

    But it is generally known that China uses its interiors for military training purposes. That is also their way of keeping their minorities at bay, as the almost 90% Han Chinese take over.

  2. Sourav

    I think I was not clear. This is a model of an area on the China India border. The model itself was built in northern China.

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