Coal: The new Gas !!!!

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This is from Autopia

Forget hydrogen for now, we may dig our way out of our foreign oil dependency. A technology for turning coal into liquid fuel that has been kept underground for decades is slowly becoming commercialized.

Syntroleum and Rentech Development are among several companies refining the Fischer-Tropsch process for turning coal into diesel fuel. The process super heats coal to release a gas, which is then cooled and turned into a liquid. Fischer-Tropsch was developed in the 1920’s in Germany, and the country used synthetic diesel during WWII to fuel planes.

According to one estimate, the United States has a coal reserve of 500 billion tons which could be converted to more fuel than is in all of the world’s petroleum reserves.

Several small-scale plants are now converting natural gas and coal to diesel, and the federal government is providing financial support through FutureGen grants. With rising oil prices and diminishing supplies, you’ll be seeing a lot more about Fischer-Tropsch in the coming years, especially in coal rich states.

Can you see how wrong and scary this is. Don’t people get it?? What about emission. What about the landscape destroyed in trying to bring out those 500 billion tonnes.

This reminds me of a recent story on NYT about Montana becoming the Saudi Arabia of Coal mining. Sometimes it makes me wonder. How stupid can people be. Can Montana be ceeded to Canada, so that there is one less problem. Sure, it puts Montana as the newest member in the “Bihars of the World” fraternity.

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  1. BD November 30, 2005

    They really got to be kidding. Even if we ignore emmissions, availability of coal is as limited as Gas!

    These folks gotta understand the term “renewable energy”.

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