De Gaulle : Worst Airport in the World

The San Francisco Chronicle recently asked readers to send in their vote for the worst airport in the world. Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Paris won hands down according to this article.

Now that gets me wondering. Were Indian airports not considered for this study?? Are they really much better than what we make them out to be??

Having flown in and out of airports all over the world, I can surely say that CDG is not bad. Its one of the better airports considering its size and the number of passengers handled. Well but to each their own.

I have a feeling that a lot of Americans must be venting their ire against the French…aka “Freedom Fries” style.

What airport would you nominate the worst you have flown out of ??

I would nominate,

Lusaka International Airport, in Zambia, Africa.

Domestic India: Nagpur

Domestic US: Cincinati/Northern Kentucky


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  1. You comment as Nagpur as the worst Domestic Airport in India is TOTALLY INCORRECT.

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