Death to Carter, Rise Naushad

Have you been to Naushad Ali road recently. No, no, not Mohammed Ali Road. Naushad Ali Road.

Chances are you have but never realized it.

In the stupid politician series this is another hallmark.

Residents are angry that the plan to rename Carter Road as Sangeet Samrat Naushad Ali Road was mooted by corporator Kavita Rodricks without consulting them. [link]

The erstwhile Carter Road that has for decades been one of the landmarks of Bombay, has been re-christened Sangeet Samrat Naushad Ali Road.

No offence to Naushad whose music was timeless and amazing, but was there a need to name this prominent road after him. And will changing the name really make any difference.

Did it make a difference to Warden Road or Hill Road? Bhulabhai Desai and Ramdas Naik would say NO.

Will someone tell Kavita Rodricks, Corporator, SP (stupid politician) that she has pushed the envelope of stupidity when it comes to politicians.


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  1. Honestly, I think it’s just a waste of time. Not the re-naming (the politicos must justify their existance with some stupidity after all…I liked how you categorized this post on Mumbai Metblogs :-))…but saying anything about it. All these years later, the terminus station of the Central and Harbour train lines is still known as V.T. station, Shivaji Maharaj notwithstanding. Re-naming places is time wasted enough, why spend another breath dignifying it with a response?

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