Desi Borat on Wall Street

Recently BusinessWeek profiles Amit Chatwani, 24, a blogger it calls “the Borat of Wall Street” in its Jan. 8, 2007, issue:

Chatwani Just another day not at the office for Amit Chatwani, the man behind Leveraged Sell-Out (, a blog that riffs on the absurdities of the twentysomething Wall Street set. A strategy consultant and Web entrepreneur by day, Chatwani moonlights as the Borat for bankers, assuming the online persona of obnoxious young striver to skewer the rarefied yet intensely insecure demographic.

Launched in September, 2005, the blog has caught fire, generating 120,000 page views a month. The success convinced Chatwani to court advertisers via Google’s  AdSense program. Now, as if oblivious to the site’s mocking tone and abundant profanity, financial recruiting firms and boutique banks pay as much as $10 a click, according to Chatwani, for dibs on certain keywords. He’s even shopping around a book proposal with an agent.

Read the full story. | Read Bloomberg’s May 2006 story, “Wall Street’s Junior Set Tells All: Banks Meet Blogs”.

And here’s Amit’s blog,, so you can see for yourself what the fuss is all about.