Desi Pundit Slogan Contest

Desi Pundit announces

“We are looking for DesiPundit slogans. Mind you, it is not restricted to the idea of desi blogs, the slogans should reflect the spirit of being Desi (whatever that means to you and all of us). They can be one line, two short lines, or three very short lines…heck, if one word does the trick, great! If you are better with images than words, do it graphically. Go wild! Let your creative juices flow. Send us your entries at desipundit [at] gmail [dot] com (or in the comments) along with your mailing address “

Here is my answer.

I have created four quick buttons that you can insert on your blog.


You are welcome to use anyone. Please don’t host it off my server. Copy the image and save it on your own.

Now I go one step further.

Here are the files that you can use to create your own buttons on this theme. I am attaching the Adobe Illustrator and EPS files. They are in .ai and .eps format. Download the zip file here.

You will need to get the fonts for it. A great site to get Devnagri and all other South Indian Language fonts is here. The software is nifty, though not very intuitive.

My only request. If you use any of the two files above and make a new button, do leave a link in the comments section, both here and at DesiPundit.