Dominos Does Not Deliver in Bombay Chawls

As Mumbai grows in economic power and the culture of consumerism and consumption takes place, there are bound to be some downsides. One of them is the class society syndrome, whereby you are judged by where you live. In a sting operation by Mid-Day, they found that a lot of the fast food chains would not deliver to chawls.

Sunday MiD DAY: When I am paying for my order, why do you refuse to deliver? Is it only because I live in a chawl?

Dominos at Colaba: Sorry sir, it’s our company policy.

Of course when the head honchos at Dominos corporate land are questioned, one gets the corpo-bullspeak that is only taught at MBA schools.

Chief Executive Officer of Domino’s Pizza India Ltd, Ajay Kaul told Sunday MiD DAY “We do not differentiate between our customers. All customers are equally important to us. It’s untrue that we don’t deliver to chawls as a policy.”

“Since we are a delivery company that offers a guarantee of delivery in “30 minutes or free”, we have certain policies that help us keep up with this promise to our customers. We deliver in a pre-defined delivery area, which excludes locations that take more than 10 minutes to locate and deliver”

Dominos and McDonalds, that sucks. Lets see you do that to an address in our old ‘hood Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, NY.