DVD Fixation and a Kleptomaniac Postman

A Houston postman was caught stealing DVD’s from mail order DVD renters Netflix and Blockbuster. And he didnt steal a couple. He stole thousands and thousands.

 On Aug. 3, 2006, inspectors observed Zuniga dumping a tub of Netflix and Blockbuster DVDs into a plastic bag and then leaving the postal facility with the plastic bag. Zuniga’s vehicle was stopped as it was exiting the parking lot and inspectors found the plastic bag containing the DVDs on the floor of the vehicle. The bag contained 122 DVDs.

After an interview with postal inspectors, Zuniga consented to a search of his home. Inside the home, inspectors found 8,177 stolen pieces of mail — including 5,937 Netflix DVDs and 1,497 Blockbuster DVDs. [link]

Man, thats one crazy movie fan.