Elevator Testing and Fast Lifts

Ever wondered how elevators….or lifts as we call them; are tested? Especially the ones that grace some of the tallest buildings in the world. Believe it or not, there is an elevator race track. And obviously it is vertical.

Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has opened what it says is the world’s tallest elevator testing tower. The 173m-high (567ft) structure is called Solae and dominates the skyline of Inazawa City. The company says it will use the tower to conduct research into high-speed elevators to serve the next generation of super-tall buildings. [link]

These facilities are in high demand for testing and fine-tuning newer elevator technology befitting today’s highrises.

Elevators travel fast. The worlds fastest elevators zips and zooms upwards at about 17m per second…that’s nearly 50 km/h. Going up. That’s damn fast. Trust me on that 🙂

Two high-speed lifts at the world’s tallest building have been officially recognised as the planet’s fastest. The lifts take only 30 seconds to whisk passengers to the top of the 508m tall TFC 101 Tower in Taipei, Taiwan.The Guinness Book of Records has declared the 17m per second speed of the two lifts the swiftest on Earth. The lifts also have a pressure control system to stop passengers’ ears popping as they ascend and descend at high speed. [link]

Now that’s one ride to surely make you foggy in the brain! Wot say 🙂