EVERYDAY is Blog Day….not just today !!!

Today is being celebrated as Blog Day in the blogosphere. As the originator of the idea says

BlogDay was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers from other countries and areas of interest. On that day Bloggers will recommend other blogs to their blog visitors.

I have issues with this

Why do we need to have a special day to do this. I blog everyday, nearly every single day. And even if i dont write something, I read a lot of my favourite blogs. Thats what everyone does, am sure

So then what is the purpose of this??

If it is to inform the world about new blogs that you frequent, well why not then call this a “Blogs I like Day”??

The actual naming of a day for blogging, demeans it a little. Its the same gripe I have with days like the International Women’s Day or Labour Day or Memorial Day.

If March 8 is International Day of Women, what does it entail?. Do we recognise the role women play in society, life and otherwise on that day? So then should we do that only on that day and not on any other day ?? Are all other days then by default Men’s Day.??

If the day is to bring to light the problems that face women today, then why do it only on that day. Dont these problems exist every single day. Having one day to address this dilutes the whole issue.

Same with Labour Day. All over the world it is May 01. What do we do to celebrate the blue-collared folks, the labour force of the World ?? Not labour. Take a day off.

Same is with Independance Day. The original idea of announcing a holiday for that day was to enable people to involve themselves in events and activities that celebrate the day. Thus you could take a day off from work and take yourself and your kid to the nearest flag hoisting ceremony for example. But what do we do normally ?? Sleep late, go for a vacation, or as they do in the US, celebrate it as the Annual Barbeque Day.

Therefore sorry, but no “special blog day” on this blog !!

By nature, I tend to bend towards anti-establishment. I believe all rules are meant to be broken, so we can come up with better rules :). Of course most of my friends think that is wrong, but then, thats me. Hence, I officially dont celebrate this as a special blogging day.

All the same in the spirit of the game, i will nominate a few blogs i find interesting. For a full list of all interesting blogs, just look at my blogroll on your right.

emergic.org: Rajesh Jain, no one needs an introduction to him. He is awesome.

deeshaa.org: Atanu Dey on India’s development. A very clear thinker, not mincing words. We need more like him

death ends fun: Dilip D’Sousa. Straight shooter, as straight as they come. Never seen anyone else take so many brick bats and still go on. Keep on doing what you do.

the renegade of junk: curiosgawker….everytime i stop there, I…. LMFAO……..

NEFA: A blog i bumped into and found that the author and me knew each other in the physical world before the blogging worrld. Great read and also a DP author..Patrix !!

Psychotic Ramblings of a Mad Man: Vulturo. Wins hands down for a funky blog name and a funkier author name. Helps that the contents make me go back for more and more. From what i read, he ain’t psychotic and hardly mad !!!! Correct me if I am wrong. Also a DP author.

Greenchannel: My pal Bhatia from NYC, now Bombay, whose writing is a revelation….a side of him none of us never knew about when he was here in NYC.

India Uncut: Amit Varma, whose style of blogging I like and whose choice of topics is great. Wish he would open up comments though, as all his post beg for discussion !! Maybe someday he will.

Kamla’s India: A very frank upfront view on a desi moving back to India, and the problems that come with it. Kowing that some day soon I am going the same way, it makes great reading.

Dvorak Uncensored: Technology powerhouse

information aesthetics: something that touches both design and technology…and hits very close to home base for me

Of course the metablogs or bloggretators (aka aggregators) are a daily staple: DesiPundit SepiaMutiny and Gridskipper. A special mention needs to go to all the contributors on these three blogs, who do yoemen service collectively besides being great bloggers individually.

And lastly……..

jenidallas: a blog that i DONT read. Bumped into it accidentally while reading comments somewhere. But would like to point for the fact that 50 % of the blogworld looks like this….arcane, mundane, boring daily talk that the same few people read everyday, and what a blog should not be…at least according to me…you may disagree.



  1. I’m honored… really!

    I would point out that the beauty of the blogsphere is that there is content out there for everyone – your audience is different than mine, but I appreciate your link uping my page views nonetheless. 🙂

  2. Gawker

    You are welcome, as long as I can LMFAO visiting your website. You slack up and u get a free ” 3 nites, 4 days at Crawford-dham.”


    I appreciate your attitude. You are correct, in that all types can co-exist in the blogosphere.

  3. Arzan, I can’t agree more with you about the pointlessness of a concept like Blog Day! Wholly unnecessary, IMO (same goes for some of those other days you mentioned).

  4. Arzan

    First of of all thanks for visiting my rojnamcha. I have to answer you question here (I guess it will reach in your email box). There is a wiki setup for all such issues. It has a section on how to write/commnet in hindi. If anybody interested then he can start a hindi blog too.

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