Facebook Blasts from the Past

In the year and more that I have been on facebook, I have come to love the social networking site. Once I got rid of all the quirks….crazy invites etc, it became a "daily visit" site.

One of the most amazing features of facebook is the "friends you may know" feature.

Through this I have got to touch base with friends from school that were just a distant memory.

For people of my generation….or those that graduated from their schools or high schools in the early 90’s, the only contact with friends was their landline numbers. There were no cellphones and no email addresses. As scary (and ancient) that sounds, it was the fact of the matter. And there are only so many phone numbers you could note in your pocket diary.

However Facebook brings back people I had completely lost touch with. School friends who I have not met since the mid 80’s are now an email away.

The next big exercise will be to meet up with these happy blasts from the past during my next visit to Bombay.

Thank God for Facebook.