Flood Control: Lessons from around the world


“…..So at a cost of some $8 billion over a quarter century, the nation erected a futuristic system of coastal defenses that is admired around the world today as one of the best barriers against the sea’s fury – one that could withstand the kind of storm that happens only once in 10,000 years…….NYT


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  1. NPR interviewed this Dutch guy (who’s someone up the ladder in Holland’s disaster management hierarchy) and he said…..sure, their flood management cost a good bit, but compared to the damage a level 4 or 5 hurricane would cause them, the cost was peanuts. He repeated the word….peanuts…..

    He said he had visited New Orleans some 10 years ago (on some official visit), and was shocked to see the safety standards. And he reeled out more statistics about New Orleans levies and walls than the Americans probably ever knew.


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