Get Out

The dude knows what he is talking about

With a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts, Murtha retired from the Marine Corps reserves as a colonel in 1990 after 37 years as a Marine, only a few years longer than he’s been in Congress. Elected in 1974, Murtha has become known as an authority on national security whose advice was sought out by Republican and Democratic administrations alike.

This is what he is talking about

The withdrawal demand by Murtha, a veteran Pennsylvania Democrat, lent more intensity to the increasingly hot Iraq debate. Some members of the House and Senate, looking ahead to off-year elections next November, are publicly worrying about a quagmire there.

The Republicans are panicking since they may lose their grip on Congress in 2006 because of Bush and Rumsfeld and Iraq. And they know it!

And therefore the slogan of the season….is GET OUT and STAY OUT.

More power to Congressman Murtha