H1-B Visas @ TOI sensationalism

Just this week I received a newsletter from a law firm that informs about the H1-B visa quota reaching its cap for 2005; as of this week. Thus everyone who aspires to come to the US to work, will have to wait for 14 months till October 2006 to begin work. Of course recent graduates with a Masters or higher degree can still awail of the 20K additional visas.

In all this the TOI writes about the US increasing the H1-B Cap. This is another example of completely wrong and sensationalist reporting on the part of TOI. The article heading screams “US plans to increase H1B visas for Indians” but nowhere in the whole article is there substantial proof that it is really the case. The nearest is a quote to that effect from some “super-unknown”

This quote is a must read 🙂

“We should be stapling green cards to the diplomas of every foreign national who graduates from a US educational institution with a masters or PhD, and we should keep the world’s best and brightest here in the US to help strengthen our economy.” …said Palafoutas.