HELP : Movable Type Fuck up

Since the last week or so my Movable Type installation has been screwed up. Let me begin at the start and if you can help me please do so.

I have been getting a massive amount of spam comments. They all go into the junk comments section of MT and then I basically go and select all and delete them. The amount of comments ranges from about 750-900 a day. To counter this, I have been trying to add an image verification system onto my comments box. However this hasn’t been easy. To top it off, I have to rebuild my entire individual entry archive for the changes to be incorporated onto every page. Thats about 450 pages in all.

In trying to do this a few times, the main MT cgi script basically hogged a lot of server space and my webhost kicked the script out. Now they will not let me execute the mt.cgi script and that means that I cannot login to my admin panel at all. Lunarpages my host want me to move to a dedicated server or change my blogging platform. I don’t have the money to waste on the former and don’t have the kind of time to do the latter.

I have created a work around by creating another file to login which at least allows me to see the user interface. This is done by creating a redirection rule in the htaccess file. But this does not allow any actions that are connected to the actual running of the script.

Is there a simple way out of this ??

Have any of you readers encountered this ? Any and all help is highly appreciated.

If you can help, please write to me at and don’t put anything in comments section because I cant read the submitted comments.

I tried a migration of my blog to WP in another directory but it didnt go as well as it should. None of the comments came through.

Will wait for your help. If there is a successful solution, I will post it here. Otherwise you will see different things happen in the next few days.