Hi Tech Haveli

Recently I wrote about the opening of the the McGovern Center at the MIT designed by Charles Correa.

Indian Express carries a report on the building

Visitors who’ve toured the facility say the sense of light and colour reminds them of India, particularly in the atrium which has been likened to the inside of a haveli. The rooms are brightly lit and spacious, but Correa claims that the Indian association is purely incidental. ”This was not due to a conscious decision on my part. It may have come about unconsciously, because I find most havelis to be wonderful places to live and work in,” adds the Mumbai-based architect.

Correa’s placid design–beige exteriors with white inner walls–stands in sharp contrast to the vibrant Stata Centre across the road, the work of another world famous architect Frank O. Gehry. ”Mine is a building dedicated to the austere beauty of science,” he explains.

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