Hitler’s Cross Comes to Town

MSNBC reports about a new restaurant that opened in Bombay last week. The restaurant is gaining notoreity not so much because of its food, but because of its name

Hitler’s Cross, a theme based restaurant based on the German leader Adolf Hitler has opened in South Bombay

“….named after Adolf Hitler and promoted with posters showing the German leader and Nazi swastikas, has infuriated the country’s small Jewish community.

Hitler’s Cross, which opened last week, serves up a wide range of continental fare and a big helping of controversy, thanks to a name the owners say they chose to stand out among hundreds of Mumbai eateries…..” (link)

Now if this isn’t one big gimmick then I don’t know what is. Why dosent someone open a restaurant called Baloo’s Lunch Home after Bal Thackeray ??

Besides antagonising the Jewish community in India, it serves little purpose.

The owner, one Punit Shablok has been quoted with some of the dumbest verse I have read in a while

“We wanted to be different. This is one name that will stay in people’s minds,” owner Punit Shablok told Reuters.

“We are not promoting Hitler. But we want to tell people we are different in the way he was different.”

Will the Shiv Sena now take arms against the restaurant and burn it down because it hurts the sensibilities of a certain community. I don’t think so.

If anyone has been to the restaurant and/or has seen the posters etc and wants to comment on it, I would really appreciate.

Sepia Mutiny has more on this here



  1. Arzan:

    This is indeed a really *bad* idea, and not sure how they came up with the concept and the name.

    I am curious to know what kind of food these folks serve?

    Here is an idea, which I suspect might take off like a rocket: why does not someone open a restaurant on the famous “tabela row” in Aarey milk colony and call it “Laloo ji’s Tabela Aur Bhojanalay?” That should get a fair amount of traffic from the filmi folks, who are come there for their shootings.


  2. Well Said!!!

    This goes to show the average Indian mind so self centered they can’t see anything beyond themselves. A 60% poverty level in a country flooded with money is proof enough. Wonder what the reaction would be if they named the restaurant with something that was senstive to another minority community ‘just to be different’?? The restaurant would have burned to the ground by the time I wrote this.!!


    Decades later, many people continue to question the Holocaust, due to many questions about the credibility of the evidence and also substantial contradictory evidence. Many therefore continue to believe that the official version of German Holocaust was either wrong or at least grossly exaggerated. For eg., there were only 1.5 Million Jews in the countries Hitler controlled according to census data, and 3 million Jews claimed to be Holocaust survivors (yes, not a typo), then how could 6 million Jews have died? If Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, why would he just not order them shot, instead of arresting each one and transporting them 3 nations away to Poland for imprisonment at such enormous effort and expense? There is little or no physical evidence supporting this bizarre thing called Holocaust. Most experts who examined the Auschwitz prisons after WWII found no such evidence. The Auschwitz official records report only several 100,000 Jews there. There has never been found,
    in the tons of documents from the Nazi’s, any order signed by Hitler or any other military commander ordering the mass extermination of Jews or any such thing. How could a govt. implement such a massive plan (if there was one), without any written order? The Nuremburg trials were a farce as the vanquished nazi’s were beated and torturned and forced to sign bogus “confessions”. Almost 80% of the prosecutors and Judges in the Nuremberg trial were Jews so the whole process was rigged from the start. Though it is true that many Jews died in WWII, it appears that many more White Christians and other groups perished during WWII. But the American media and Hollywood (controlled mostly by Jews) manufactured or at least grossly exaggerated the story of the “Holocaust” to expand the war (so more White Christians could kill each other and their nations become weaker for easier Jewish domination), to gain immigration to the U.S., to extract billions of dollars in reparations, to perpetrate the myth of Jewish victimhood, and “uniqueness” of “Jewish suffering”, in order gain sympathy, assistance and justification for the state of Israel and other material benefits. The Jewish controlled media promoted the “Holocaust” relentlessly to a gullible public.

    For excellent evidence disproving many of the claims in the official version of the Holocaust, See:

    “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry” by Arthur Butz.

    The evidence presented in this (and many other such books) is quite strong and will make most readers question the veracity of the official version of the Holocaust. People are realizing that Hitler was just another head of a war-torn country. In fact, Stalin, a Jew, who killed 60 million white christian Russians, and is the greatest mass-murderer in History, not Hitler.

  4. Satyanathan…

    That’s some big BS ive read in a while.

    Where do you get all this information from ??

    Come on, lets get real here now.

  5. Dumb stupid restaurant,dumb decor,cheap publicity for no reason.
    a restaurant that serves hookah,that to at a place where so many educational institutions around.Wonder how such people get licences to do such a business…….
    They are contibuting in making the younger future generation of tomorrow to go on the wrong track,hope somebody intervenes and corrects before damage starts…

  6. Why should we care about what Jews or westerners think, Did they care about what we think about Churchill, Atleast Hitler support the Indian National Army against British occupiers.


    For excellent evidence disproving many of the claims in the official version of the Holocaust, See:

    1. “The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed
    Extermination of European Jewry” by Arthur Butz.

    2. “Did Six Million Really Die?” by Richard E. Harwood

    There are many such books and articles, many available online exposing the “Holocaust hoax”.

    Also see: “The Holocaust Wars” an online article for a good overview of the ongoing debate between the 2 camps.

  8. hey..\
    i m an engineering student making a report for a subject and my topic is hitlers cross the restaurant..can i pls get assembled stuff for the report if any one can help…

  9. Who did Hitler try to conqure and why?

    Besides his intense intolerance concerning Jews (which even I reject as well as regret) most of the other groups he accused of trechery really were trecherous, dangerous not only to Germans, but to all others—-The power behind America and England were the sly ones, the ‘smart ones’, the ‘clever ones’, the wolves in democratic or religous clothing who were a threat to the spiritual and idealistic evolution of humanity while the Russian peasants mobilized for battle through Bolshevism were simply a danger because of their brute strenghth and numerical value which threatened not only the peace and security of Eroupe, but according to Hitler they also endangered India and eventually all Asia for they were barbarians and the color of there skin was not going to save them anymore than for the Masionic Rulers of Wall Street or in Washington.
    So bringing these forces down would not only benifit Aryan Eroupeans themselves but would likewise liberate all the levels of life oppressed by these dark forces hiding under religon, libralism, or “communist liberation”—Hitler wanted to put down all the barbarians and it just happend that most of them were White, and he knew that when fighting barbarians whether honest like the Bolshivic’s, or supposedly “civilized” like the Roman Democratic nations, one must fight like an animal, and not use the Upanishads or the Sermon on the Mount to defeat them but the varry philosophy which made them successfull at enslaving the world.
    Hitler knew who he was fighting, he was fighting the forces which had brought us the Christian Dark Ages and now in the 21st century planned on taking us into an even darker age of materialism while those who even thought they opposed religous intolerance were still in deception for they believed they had “democracy, liberalism, and enlightement”–in reality this humanist worldview was human selfishness at the expense of nature and universal laws of life.

    But his real enemies were the mobilized masess lead by the wicked Masonic shepards.
    The so-called Elite by giving the blind masess the opium of religon, and the illusion of democracy, they could get them to sacrifice themsleves in their capitalist wars for their grand Financial Empire.
    He was not going to fight this financially, numericaly, materialy superior evil lightly or democraticly, but with no mercy, —he was no fan of tortour—he prefered they just be shot on the spot–Jeffersonian style.
    He knew this form of battle was what makes winning possible.
    Hitler wanted to destroy the force of American Financial Militarism before it got so much power no one can stop it—as it is today.
    Hitler only wanted to colonize peoples who he felt posed a danger to his people—THE RUSSIANS and their SLAVIC brothers and potencial converts to Bolshevism –very coneniently Hitler needed their land as well for his “Lebensbraun”–I know.
    Now the Russians which were a very big force superior in numbers–masses of cavemen–bolshevized–ready for battle.—–This was not India folks; when Hitler compared “Britians India to Germany’s colonization in Russia”—he was not comparing India to Russia in the spiritual or culteral sense, he was saying that Russians would be there for Germans to expliot economicly, thus he said “India will be our Russia”– “what India is to Britian, Russia will be to us”– He was refering to the size of Russia and it’s many multitudes, and the way the British cruely ruled a Old culteral nation such as India, Hitler would rule this culteraly degenerate mass of base humaniods.
    For Russia was in no way anything like India, these snow dwellers were not proginators of culter, they were barbaric Neanderthals lead by superior Jewish masters.
    Thus Hitler said that ‘ If the “British” leave India the Russians will surly take the atvantage”.
    He wanted to save the peacefull and cultered nation of India from such a fate of Mongol attack.
    Hitler was only going to treat masses of people who endangered his people like The British treated the Indians, his future intentions toward the Indians themselves are probably better than most people would beleive or even want to know–one of freindship and support in a “Greater India”—for Hitler wanted every specie to evolve upwards to betterment from the insect world to the animal world and in the human world, he beleived that the futrure Aryans would preserve this righteoius new order where the more capable nations protect all life on earth.
    First, the decived Westerners had to go.
    Then the realized Aryans, the real benevolent Gods would protect every honerable specie and race on earth while destroying the elements that cause disorder and eventual confusion.
    Therefor enslavement was something that Hitler wanted for his enemies, those who threatened not only his personal people, but nearly every other race on the planet, including an entire order that put all of life below man making him the ruler—a truly racist order.
    Therefor in this order, “Man’s Order”, his desires would be put first before nature and the superior {forces of nature, etc.}.

    The forces that are always here for one to use whether a tyrant of a Avatar :

    This was a world Hitler thought deserved to be enslaved, striped of it’s rights to govern, and overthrown, making the Aryan a Light Bearer once more upon the earth.
    To achieve this he was forced to employ the worst type of criminals, people who were infact worse than those who he was fighting.
    Thus orginizations like the Gestapo were set up in order to eliminate all opposition.
    Hitler did not want many of those individuals that he admired to support nazism because he understood why they were revulted by it.
    He was only intrested in surrounding himself with the lowest, because these were the men that he needed.
    So he wanted selfhaters, psycopaths, sadists, and meglomaniacs as his henchmen and this is why he played on the age old national inferiority complex of the Germans. Humiliating the Germans and presenting the Jews as potential superiors would make Germans want to prove their superiority, their “choseness”, and then the world he hated could be destroyed, Schopenhaur could not accomplish this, but the people of Goebbles could.
    He knew that many individuals that would infact build his future world would have to be sacrificed if they could not see past the nazi violence.
    Therefor many truly briliant people would come under the brutality of sadists such as members of the Gestapo if they were too finite to see the bigger picture.
    It is my beleif that many of the creatures that served the order of Hitler under the Gestapo and like orginizations are now working in America under the leadership of Rumsfeld, Cheny, and the like.
    They are useing the same means as Hitler did, although Hitler’s masterplan was as I have been explaining far removed from their neverending nightmare, he took note of the their methods, he knew what their plans were used their own means in order to defeat them.
    Because he was working to end tyranny on as quik a timescale as possible he thus employed the most brutal methods.
    The Churchillians did not have to use the immediate brutality that Hitler did because their timescale was much longer, they had more time on their hands, their order was giong to reach it’s final conclusion for many years and so they were capable of doing things more Democraticly, “by the rules”, but Hitler had to use all the brutality he could as expediant as possible in order to end the nightmare in as short a period of time as pissible, perhaps even in his lifetime, that was his wish.
    Instead, the Democratic leaders won the war, they “played by the rules” because they’re was no urgency to stop the evil of mellenial enslavement (as their was for Hitler).
    They worked democraticaly in order to have the future all to themselves, they did not need to act like their time was running out because they’re final plan was not even close to arriving.
    NOW, finaly their true plans have arrived.
    Finally their true face is being shown for all to see.
    Most people are completly shocked at the whole ordeal, they can’t beleive that they are useing methods oftly similar to that of the Gestapo; and yet they are still “technically” playing by the rules, they still do not have the absolute freedom to take a oppser out to the forset and shoot him dead as the Gestapo could, but sooner than people think they will.
    It makes perfect sense that reincarnated Gestapo agents are now working for the American FBI, CIA, Secret Service and military.
    But people must see that the system they are working for is the very gresume system that Hitler forsaw.
    Hitler was willing to use the methods his enemies would use in their final conclusion, if need be even to shock the good people of Democracy, so that they would have taste of the bitter fruit they would latter be force fed God forbid he lost the war.
    Those who were more that happy to murder for Greater Duetchland are now even glader to wait and do things the Democratic way so that they can latter enjoy the full power to rule and be unquestionble masters in a world that Hitler used them to fight.
    Hitler allowed them to enjoy all their lustfull powerhungry killing sprees in the short time so they could be left behind in the future world which Schopenhaur’s would lead, but right now as we speak they are doing things the “Democratic way”, in the “short run”, so they can latter enjoy a possible millenia of unquestioned, unopposable–unlimited power to wage war .
    They are servants, they follow orders, and they are serving the wicked elite behind Bush now as they once served the elite of Hedrick, Himmler, and Goebbles—all subjects to Hitler.

    and all the other races and species and all manifestations of life from the infinitly large to the microscopic would rejoice at the desruction of the most advanced devils on the earths surface, this was HITLER’S SECRET ORDER OF THE AGES.

    First he tryed Gandhi’s way, to convert the world and other Germanic nations (England, America, but they continued in their selfishness and blindness to the reality of the future, thinking everything in nature including superior beings would become and or remain it’s slave).
    He tryed to get them to follow him, unforchunatly no one realy knew his plans, if more individuals did, most of them would have sacrificed their lifes for his victory.

    Hitler basicaly wrote in Mien Kamp: “first destroy all the negetive -anti-Christian nations who only hide behind religon to expliot the world, then we shall have pacifism”–Hitler actually admited that he understood the light of the pasifistic idea and actually would be happy to build a future world were there would be no war, only that in the current world the method of pacisive resistance would only benifit greedy capitalist’s who would not stop expliotation strickly for the purpose of material gain no matter how many “dreamers” like John Lennon or Gandhi tryed to “convert them” through non-violence; that’s why he said, first the good guy’s must conqure the world by any and every means necassary, then we shall consider pacifism, vegetianism, and other spectacular ideas of a future Aryan world; first, we must fight these civilized, mobilized, and orginized savages who are very mobilized, and orginized savagly with no regard for their “rules of war”—which they themselves don’t even follow anyway. This HYPOCRITICAL Christianity of the Allies in reality only kept you “alive” so they could enslave you every way a human being can be enslaved.
    Therefor Hitler was not in favour of useing passive resistance to fight these forces because he wanted to win, and to win you must be honest if one is truely your enemy, the goal is to take him out, not give him rights so he can fight you again in the next war.

    It’s all too stupid, the forces behind the Allies were only intrested in expanding The American Financial Empire.
    No vision, no ideals, just material glory deviod of any spiritual substance was an order he opposed, it was an order he feared would engulf the world in anarchy, and that’s exactly what we are experienceing in our present world situation, this is not stability, it is the result of materialistic, capitalist militarism—lead by an Elite who keep all the riches and conceal the truth from their frightened masses who prefer going on living in their Orwelian dreamworld, blinded by their own mental palace to the hellish reality they are creating on earth for the benifit of the crooked shepards leading them into darkness.
    That was what Hitler knew had to be dismanteled before any grand ideas of great visionaries and dreamers, spectacular idea’s such as vegetarianism, pacifism– “world peace” could be explored.
    First, this life negating system had to be overthrown before any dreams of peace could be taken as a reality, otherwise they were mearly sugar coated deception, wishfull thinking the adherants of which would “die out with the last German”—in sorrow and hatred for the fact that they had been decieved, in the end as Hitler said in Mien Kampf: “anyone who truly wants the victory of the pacifistic idea would have to use everything at his disposal for German victory”.

    I’m an admirer of Hitler because he wasn’t afraid to punish the white race when it misbehaved and he was all aware that there is alot of white trash out there that really should go and he had no problem using them to gain power like his interpertation of bankers but in reality he loathed them.
    Like more than half of the neo- nazi movement is made of the worst White trash on the face of the earth–let’s be honest half of these guy’s would’nt have even made the SA–they would have been allowed to clean their toilet’s.
    I feel sorry for all those lower class southern White Bigots who really believe that Hitler would have represented them–he would have used such violent brutes to gain power as he did with the SA, and many of their fates would have been to play the slaves of Germania as the Slav’s would have if Hitler conqured them.
    Imagine the time honerned comedic experience that would have taken place if certain breeds of Southern swine came into contact with the SS, their little world would have gone up in smoke!
    The geneticly and spiritualy damaged majority in the deep south would have been taught to count to 10 and the children of those people who still contained Aryan genetics would have been removed from their mentaly damaged parents and they would become apart of the new vision, the new timeless order.
    Hitler sent German agents to America to investegate the Ku Klux Klan, they were rejected for a number of reasons; for one thing their intolerant Puritin Christian mindset was exactly what Hitler wished to eventualy evolve out of, plus the Klan is still completly devoted to Christian Supremesy of the quality that Paul preached and this was not a vision Hitler wished to promote; as far as the Atlantian-Aryan worldview the Klan was completly ignorant; as for Gnosis much of the Klan was devoid if not in opposition to; and as far as physical scientific agnostic progress, much of the klan was an arch enemy.
    Most of them promoted dogmatic creationism as opposed to the evolutionary intelegent design which Hitler promoted even in his pseude-scientific worldview.
    The truth is that most of the Klan didn’t then and still don’t even have the slightest insight or clue to these arts, although there orginal Masonic supporter “Albert Pike” was all aware of such knowlege.
    The one thing that inspired the nazi’s to investigate the Klan was obviously their racial and nationalist position, which understood the significance of the white race and it’s “divine origins” { though dogmatic and egotistic} placing it as the “new chosen people of God”.
    So there interpertation of the “divine origins” of the “white race”, was obviously corrupted.
    The problem was that the Klan still swallowed the Jewish dogma’s raw while at the same time hateing the Jews with a passion.
    Thier exeptance of the corrupted Old Testament showed through their unhealthy relationship with nature and their lesser creatures–brothers–children.

    Hitler wanted to see Arabs, Africans, Indians, Asians, all honerable races freed from the bondage of International Devils—he was against the exploitation of innocent creatures in nature whether they were equal to the Aryans or not– he thought if anyone was going to get exploited, it would be the aggressors–Russians, Americans, and unfourchunatly the English.
    He knew that violent, materialistic, and stupid peoples who belevied either they were God’s special people and who thought they were the “chosen class”–all lead by intiate Masons who know the truth but conceal it–he knew this force had to be brought to order, it was out of order, out of order where he came from anyway, he wanted every race to help him bring down those who were piosoners and eternal enslavers–devils–he would have taken help from animals if they were intelegent enough to help him.
    Most of all he wanted those who were as advanced as Aryans with the power to decive and enslave all life to anillated and a new order founded–therefore he would have to fight the most powerfull force—THE MAJORITY OF THE WHITE RACE THEMSELVES—for most Anglo-Saxons had been either decived by a false Christianity, educated in false huimanitarian ideas that in reality only serve the selfishness and personal ego of “man”—and the on the Slavic side mobilization through Bolshevism was a extremly detrimental force, one that had to be faced sooner or latter.
    He was willing to seek help from peoples who were oppressed by these same corrupt forces that had betreayed his people and refused to repent.
    He was after justice.
    There were thousands of Indian fighters who fought in the Wehrmacht and were free to live as honered guests in Germany.
    Hitler was freindly with The Arab Palestinian leader of Jerusalem. (Again Hitler told him that he would liberate Palestine “with the protection of the British”—“if he could win them over”.)–Agian Hitler wanted peace with the British, he did not want to fight them but he did wish they would not simply “live to rule” but to entertain in enlightened ideas for a better future.
    He was very willing to grant people of other nationalities rights in Germany as long as they understood that it was GERMANY that was in control of their country.

    Even African American Marxist Web De Buois remarked on Nazi Germany’s tolerance to people of color, claiming that in his 6 weeks of his stay in Germany he could not record ONE instance of racial rudeness or lack of cortiousy and kindness, inspite of his opposition to nazism as an idealogy, he could not help seeing the beautifull effect it had on the German people.

    I beleive Hitler honered all nobal races as he honered all nobal species as he honered all nature.
    He just beleived that race mixing on vast scales results in the loss of identity and considering the amount of human souls there are to consider I think he was right.
    All through his career he never made a piont of oppressing innocent people of color who had done his people no harm.
    He looked to avenge the enemy’s of Germany–Slav’s, Britians of colonial Churchill’s breed, and Pig Nation America—–all white.
    He did not give a ****….to him they needed an enlightenment.

    Churchill defenetly was more racist towards people of color than Hitler…..infact Hitler collaberated with them…he fought for their liberation…Hitler ended The British Empire because of it’s greed and hypocracy.
    I’m not saying that he was a champion of the coloered peoples…for sure he was the opposite…but he honered all species and all of nature and he had no designs on the coloered people, he beleived every non-threatening race and specie is entitled to their natrual living space.

    We must accept the fact that Hitler was the only individual who thouroughly opposed the world which was to come.
    He warned the world and the world took him for a crazy, now the world is seeing that he was righgt.
    Mabey not 100%, but at least 90%.
    Nameing a restruant after him is the very least we cann do.

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