How much do a pair of Jeans cost ?

Well, depends on where you buy

Couture Studded Swarovski Crystal Jeans by Escada cost $10,000 . Available exclusively at Nieman Marcus

Jeans have come a long way from their working-class origins. No longer reserved for physical labor or college campuses, today’s haute dungarees are increasingly acceptable at dinner parties, the office, all but the most formal occasions. Still, even though jeans can be found in the closets of both billionaires and bikers, there can be a big difference in their price tags. How much of a difference? While a pair of Levi’s can be bought for less than $20 at Wal-Mart Stores…..[link]

But thats not even chump change when you consider

A normal pair of Gucci jeans that had been distressed, ripped and covered with African beads, when they debuted in October 1998 in Milan, were priced at an astonishing $3,134.

For the record, the most expensive pair of jeans ever sold….was a one-off….

The most expensive jeans fall into the category of custom made or vintage. Levi Strauss & Co. spent $46,532 buying a pair of its own jeans on an eBay auction in May 2001. The jeans were found in a Nevada mining town and date back to the 1880s. The company has no plans to resell them, because Levi’s says they are priceless and one of a kind.

Contrary to what I thought

It is not just the age, the label or a flattering fit that drives up the price of today’s most expensive jeans. Much of the added cost comes from the decorations and fixtures, such as 14 karat gold or silver rivets and diamond buttons. The jeans that top our list come from Escada’s couture line. They start at $7,500 and have no price cap. So far, the most expensive pair they have made cost $10,000 and were studded from top to bottom with Swarovski crystals.

Check out this slide show for some very over-priced and surprisingly ugly pairs of jeans by famous designers.

Even if I had all the money in the world, I would think twice about buying the jeans in the slide show. Not because they are expensive…..No, but because they show bad taste. Proves once again that money and taste dont go hand in hand !!



  1. I bet the pair of Levi’s Jeans that Walmart sells at $20 is made in Bangladesh.

    We get the export quality Levi’s Jeans in local Market at BD Taka 800- 900 ($12-$13). There is no point paying such a high price for those plug-ins and beads. I am sure if thats a fashion, Bangladesh can produce them at a lower price.

    But for those who have a lot of money, buying expensive items is a vogue. They sometime choose unconventional designs to depict their uniqueness.

  2. Its the same case for the entire garment industry.

    For example, my company manufactures sportswear range in India. Our brand is retailed thru upper-market stores, same place were international brand such as Nike, Reebok, etc are sold too.

    Our t-shirt quality is far more suprior than Nike or Reebok (ans I am not braggin) and costs half as much compared to them. Now people for whom money & quality both matter…they will go for our brand….but on the other hand you are Nike/Reebok/Addidas loyalists who will but their garments only no matter at what price or what quality. And then you have the people who believe in doing more shoo-shaa as show off..who also prefer to buy international brand.

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