Identity Crisis and the Marathi Manoos

This is a follow up to my post about Bombay as a City State. And also a follow up to all the posts here about Scum Sena.

Aroon Tikekar writes a wonderful commentary on the Identity crisis facing the “marathi manoos” in Bombay.

There was a time when Parsi businessmen and industrialists from Mumbai preferred to employ the ‘Marathi manoos’ in their offices, for he was hard-working, sincere and honest. He had respect for scholarship, was kind to subordinates and obedient to employers.His work ethics earned him esteem from those around him. To be Marathi was like an additional qualification in Mumbai and white collar jobs were waiting for migrants from the hinterland of Maharashtra.

Then Mumbai became the dreamland for all Indians and its commercial success created a wide gap between the success and failure, wealth and poverty. Politicians always have a field day in such situations and so was the case in Mumbai. Extreme successes bred disrespect for law; extreme failures gave birth to discontent. This combined to increase social tensions.

The reaction of the diehard Marathi Mumbaikars to all what was thus happening in the city was one of anger and dissatisfaction, for they had not anticipated a challenge to their future. They had shed blood for the inclusion of Mumbai in Maharashtra as the state capital after the reorganisation of the bilingual state of Bombay in 1960.

But their dreams turned sour after the initial euphoria of the creation of Samyukta Maharashtra was over. The continuous influx of people from every nook and corner of the country, made them uneasy and they felt that their hold on the city was being threatened with every wave of migration.

This is proved by how quickly Marathi Mumbaikars unite even at the slightest suggestion of Mumbai being separated from Maharashtra.

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  1. Mr Wadia I read your comments on the united stand of the mumbaikars and other things though i agree that it is a personal judgement on ur part….still jst a comment….Mumbai as you say is made by Mumbaikars and all that I agree and now all the cry that North Indians are coming in at the rate of knots will take away the city away from them….Not agreed…and you beat them up for that Not agreed…you say that these ppl have taken up a lot of space try kicking Amitabh Bachhan, shah Rukh khan, Aishwarys Rai, Ambanis out…even they sre not MUMBAIKARS.

    And yes abt the fact od ppl coming in there is a city very close to u called Delhi..which has 40% more migrants then Mumbai…it still has no Quota for Delhities nor they cry for the fact the fact that ppl are taking the city away…not even for Bangladeshis…forget abt fellow Indians….And still I proudly say that I belong to a city tht is United and wil stand for the city and not agst the city which unluckily is happng in Mumbai

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