IIPM: How International ?

Just three days ago, I posted about a call I placed to IIPM’s Toronto Research Center, Canada. You know what it turned out to be. DesiPundit carried the story, and I would have thought that IIPM would have removed the info from their website. But as of just now, it is still on there.

Toronto was not the only international center that IIPM has. According to their website they also have contacts in Belgium. It is at The International Management Institute listed as both in Antwerp and Brussels.

A quick call (bless technology and cheap calling cards!!) brought out some interesting facts.

On calling Antwerp, the operator at IMI directed my call to one Mr. Sanket.

I told him that I was calling to find out more about IIPM because they have advertised on their website that they have contacts in Antwerp and Brussels, and from the Toronto experience, I could not take them on their word. On enquiring on the nature of IIPM’s role in Belgium, he basically said that IMI awards degrees to students who graduate from IIPM. They have a monitoring committee which visits IIPM regularly and makes sure “standards” are met. I told him I was calling because of all the bad publicity in the press and the media, and asked him if he was aware. He said no….and sounded genuine.

He said that there are some exchange programs that happen from time to time. He could not offer more info and pointed me to IMI’s website.

I asked him about the recognition of degrees issued by IMI and whether these were issued by IMI directly or another larger institute like the Univ of Antwerp or some such. He said that IMI is recognized by the regional Flanders government, but the degrees are awarded by IMI. I did not further question him to elaborate what that was supposed to mean.

The IMI  website is very ambiguous. It does not give any detailed information about the courses offered. Their about us page lists four institutions with which they have academic collaborations. All four have websites which are equally dubious and ambiguous. And IMI’s research and publication pages prominently show books by ….who else but Arindam Chaudhari.

A little googling on IMI and its academic collaborators, makes one thing for sure. Academic institutions of dubious nature and veracity are not only India’s prerogative. They are all over the world. And sadly there are suckers everywhere who get duped into paying a hand and a foot for education that is not accredited.

Here and here is more on the web about IMI……all “ambiguous, feel good, dupe people, gimme your money,” kinda stuff.

My previous posts on this topic are here and here. DesiPundit’s constantly updating sticky is here, for the latest updates.

UPDATE # 1: Curious Gawker @ The Renegade of Junk follows the URL from the IMI site and has some really fascination analysis and discovery. Jump right there to catch the scoop


  1. It looks extraordinarily like IIPM’s website, with no information on faculty, and on the “campus” link, they keep showing a picture of the Antwerp Central station, whatever that is. It seems funny that they couldnt find even one picture of the campus to put up on their website. And how come all the books being advertized are Indian? To me it smells like just a fake institute website for Arindam . you know, if there are any Indians currently in the Netherlands, they should probably go over to the address listed on the website and check if there’s actually anything there at all.

  2. (To gawker’s comment) Unless I’m mistaken, Antwerp is in Belgium – so if we’ve Indians in Belgium…:) Holland’s just next door, so of course that will work too.

  3. Hi Arzan and Gawker (I just viewed your site as well)
    Great stuff. This is excellent investigative reporting. Definitely, these European schools are just bogus. Nothing is real-looking about them at all.
    Btw, did you see the pictures of the B-students visiting the children’s amusement park at the IMI site? IMI – combining B-school and day care.

  4. I have noticed that the problem is not only with some of these European schools…but as Arzan pointed out, its all over the world. Even the student visa consultants in India are involved in this evil plot. I remember when i was applying for universities in Australia, the agent i was put thru by the Australian consulate…wanted me to apply to universties that were just coming up…and did didnot have any speacilisation the course i was looking for. They were doing this simply becaue they get high commission from these universities. Luckly i have cousins in Sydney who directed me to the correct universities, as per my requirement.
    These agents are suppose to help students with one of the most important decision of their lives…but very few do that.

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