In the Rain

There is something about rain ! A certain romanticism, that tingles all the 5 senses. No other season does that to me.

It does not rain as hard, as it does in Bombay.

I miss that. I also missed riding my motorcycle in the rain, getting wet. As my mom would always say, it will start raining only when i am on my bike, and i enter home all drenched, running to the bathroom to change and dry up.

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is truly one of life’s ultimate pleasures. The water droplets stinging your face. the spray of mist from cars without mudguards. The look of envy and bewilderement from other motorist cocconed in their cages, not able to understand the joy of it all.

Some of it is back. Its been raining the past few days here and I ride my bike to work and back everyday and have been getting wet in the rain.

But its not the same. The surroundings look very different from the drenched eyes. There is no one riding pillion. Homiar where are u ??

Its also cold at times. The rain in Bombay is warmer :)…like the city and the people !!


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  1. i vouch for the drenched run to the bathrooms. N the look my brother always had when he was wet on his bike in the rain… Priceless, exhilarated, satisfied.
    I guess having a bike now gives him a piece of home… just a small bit.
    your bike’s waiting arzu… tho bhaiya will need 15 days to get it working 😉

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