India Inc. : TIME Cover story

This week’s TIME Magazine has an India special. Cant wait to get my hands on the copy.

Bombay’s Boom Brash, messy and sexy, India’s biggest city embodies the nation’s ambition. How Bombay is shaping India’s future–and our own

Hooray for Bollywood With Americans embracing our culture, can Indians like me keep it real?

India Awakens Fueled by high-octane growth, the world’s largest democracy is becoming a global power. Why the world will never be the same

My Lost World On a return to his provincial hometown, the author discovers how wealth is uprooting tradition and transforming India’s way of life

How to Ride the Elephant Indian stocks have taken a tumble. But here’s why the country’s long-term prospects remain bright–for Indians and investors

In search of the Next Bangalore