India Today Article on Blogging

Last week India Today did a 4 page article on blogging. Titled “Blogging Bliss” it featured Amit Varma, Peter Griffin, Bombay Addict, Govindraj Ethiraj and myself.

The author, Riddhi Shah, gives a good overview about the whole phenomenom of blogging about Bombay is. All the bloggers featured have been regular writers on things that concern Bombay.

Ironically an article about blogging does not have an online link !!

However you get to see the elusive Amit Varma in pictures. Damn !! Now the secret is out. I always thought he was a cyborg !!

So here are the scans of the article, thanks to my sis Mehernaaz, who emailed them to me.

Bloggers featured

Amit Varma [India Uncut] | Peter Griffin [Cloudburst Mumbai] | Bombay Addict [Mumbai Matters] | Govindraj Ethiraj [Dateline Mumbai] | Arzan Sam Wadia [Metblogs Mumbai]

Click on the thumbnails to read the article.



  1. Arzan – Thank you for this and my thanks to Mehernaaz as well.

    It was fun to be in the company of the two pony-tailed lads at the Gateway. I was so looking forward to meeting Govind, but it was a pity he couldn’t make it; I’m hoping there’s a next time to meet him somewhere.

    I’m also hoping you’d drop a line when you’re next in Bombay, it’d be a pleasure to meet you.

  2. Great, look forward to meeting up with you.

    Just one small thing – Riddhi got my URL wrong in the article. It’s and not what she’s put in the mag. I recall that when I started this blog, the “mumbaimatters” tag had alraedy been taken (although it now says URL not found) and I couldn’t take it for my blog.

    Thanks again..

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