Indian Sex Predator Caught on TV

The missus and I were sitting down to dinner and watching a TiVoed episode of Dateline NBC. Its the one that aired today. They were doing a series undercover ops to catch sex predators. These are men who chat up with 13 year old girls on the internet. They are in reality chatting with decoys who lure them into a house where they are caught on Tv.

Some of the characters make the most pathetic and sick comments about why they are there. Whats really infuriating is to see them lie through their faces, even when confronted with their chat logs.

And one of the guys caught was a Desi Dude. It was sad to see him there making a complete ass of himself and I hope he gets what he deserves.

The whole episode leaves a funny taste in the mouth. It also leaves me a bit pissed off. I cant place my finger on why that is. Is it because it was a fellow Indian, and therefore I would not expect my own countryman to do such a pathetic act. Maybe its a case of misplaced patriotism on my part. Or jingoism. Anyways it was pathetic.

They showed scenes from next time’s episode and there is another Indian software guy caught.

What irks me is that a lot will be made of it. And we could all be in a roundabout of racial blame. There was a fair mix of white men, hispanics, a black dude, and to be politically correct, 2 Indians. 2 out of 29.

India is really shining !!



  1. I know what you are talking about. i think its our inherent defensiveness. we consider every indian in the us to be a representative for all Indians, even those back in India and so, expect everyone to be on their best behavior. but i dont think americans will single out indians to blame. i guess they know enough of their own countrymen who indulge in such acts for people of other races and nationalities to stand out..

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