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This post has been edited and certain contents removed. The reason behind it being that the comments section were kept open due to a technical glitch. However because of that error, I did not want people to take potshots at what is otherwise a fantastic effort. The Indibloggies are a labour of love by Debashish and the jury members volunteer their time. I respect and appreciate that. The intent was not to malign them.

Thus in the interests of a great venture, I have removed stuff that I thought would be counter productive.

Read on….

Checking my sitemeter, I found an unusual link and clicking on it I stumbled upon the jury comments page on indibloggies. I don’t know if this page is supposed to be open especially since the awards havent been announced. My other blog Parsi Khabar was initially nominated by a regular reader to PK…Saakshi O. Juneja.

And thus the sitemeter registered a hit when one of the jury members came in to check.

Some other jurors like Patrix and Neha and Debashish have astute observations and comments.

I have issues with the whole fact that jury comments are open as of this time. Especially when the comments are not constructive, as illustrated above.


And here is the site url http://removed.url



  1. The Indibloggies is a democratic process and Jurors are free to expres their opinion, but these comments are never published or shared. You have every right to speak on the subject but the website mentioned by you is a private website, unfortunately a technical snag made it accessible. I apologise for any grievances caused and would request you to atleast remove the site URl from the post if not the image too..

  2. There was no malice involved Arzan. Nothing personal. Though we should probably have been more cautious.

    On that note – I hope you mean astute in a positive sense!!

  3. Glad to see your post modified. The desi blogosphere (or for that matter, any regional blogosphere) is always itching for a fight. Too bad those people have to now look elsewhere 🙂 Thanks for your kind words about me though.

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