K for convenience

This could be the new slogan for K Mart.

For once I was glad of a K Mart so close to work. I left home in the morning on the motorcycle and it wasn’t raining. Or at least it wasn’t with the intensity that would make me NOT want to take the motorcycle to work.

However as soon as I go over the Manhattan Bridge there is a steady drizzle and by the time I reach work and park, I am completely drenched.

Sitting all wet at work isn’t my idea of fun, so I walk into the K Mart at Astor Place and pick up a brand new pair of Levi’s and a shirt all for the princely sum of $ 23.42

OK, the missus would say that’s a frivolous expense….but then think about this. Where else can you get a brand name set of clothes at that price ??

Where….where….else….but….at….K Mart !!!!